"Let it be known to all that on this day the blackest of marks is made against the squatter king of Black Crag. By the most heinous of urk treachery did he breach the forgotten ways of Karak Azul to perpetrate the most egregious of crimes against King Kazador and the dawi of the Iron Peak. No oaths, no deeds, no acts of vengeance shall ever efface this shame."
—The Karak Azul Book of Grudges By Logan, Loremaster of Karak Azul, on behalf of King Kazador
Greenskins gorfang

Gorfang Rotgut sitting upon the former Throne of Karak Drazh

Gorfang Rotgut is the chieftain of the Red Fang Tribe and the current ruler of Black Crag, the former ancient Dwarf hold known originally as Karak Drazh. Over the centuries, many tribes have fought over and occupied Black Crag, and the most powerful tribe has always taken the crag as its newfound home. Gorfang's tribe, the Red Fangs, is currently the most powerful Orc tribe within the area around the western end of Death Pass. Gorfang has subjugated most of the local Orc tribes and has since allied himself with the Night Goblins of Karak Eight Peaks, whose leader is the old and infamously cunning Skarsnik. The two leaders enjoy an uneasy alliance, with Skarsnik controlling the mountains around Karak Eight Peaks and the eastern end of Death Pass, while Gorfang controls the western end and the adjoining area.

Gorfang is an immensely strong Orc. He lost an eye at the Battle of the Jaws, and wears an iron patch to cover the wound. Many of his battles have been fought against Dwarfs, including the siege of Barak Varr and the attack on Karak Azul. As a result of his long struggles, Gorfang has acquired an unreasoning hatred of the Dwarf race. When Gorfang attacked Karak Azul he broke into Lord Kazador's throne room and captured many of the Dwarf Lord's kinsfolk. Some were taken back to the dungeons of Black Crag where they remain to this day, to the anger of Kazador. The Dwarf Lord's son, Kazrik, was not taken captive but was shaved, and his head tattooed with a crude Orc glyph representing Gorfang. Then he was firmly nailed to Kazador's own throne. Although Kazrik survived, the experience has unhinged him somewhat. Lord Kazador has sworn vengeance and awaits the day when he can crush the Orc chieftain himself.

Sources Edit

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