Warhammer Gospodar

A Gospodar Winged Lancer of Kislev

The Gospodars are a tribe of nomadic Humans that once claimed a mighty Kingdom within the Eastern Steppes before migrating towards the lands of Kislev, making them the ancestors of the modern day Kislevite. Almost all of the ruling elite, including the Tzars and Tzarinas, come from Gospodar stock, and their language and beliefs dominate Kislevite society. In particular, the Gospodar Cult of Ursun the Bear is the most powerful religion in Kislev, influencing even most Ungol communities. Gospodar women, who are renowned throughout the Old World for their fair-skinned beauty, are afforded the same rights as men, which can be confusing to outsiders unfamiliar to such equality.[1a]

The Gospodars are a tall, imposing folk with fine features that can seem exotic and strange to foreigners. Indeed, for the Gospodar were once a branch of the now Chaos-worshipping Kurgans of the East, before they made their migration to the west to escape Chaotic enslavement. Their skin is usually pale, though those wandering the oblast will be as weathered as any Ungol tribesman, and their often-straight hair ranges from blue-black to reds and blondes. Some blessed babes are born with white or silver hair, which is believed to be a sign the land’s spirits have marked the child for great deeds.[1a]

Source Edit

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