Gottri is focused; he doesn’t want to waste any time talking about trivial matters; instead, he concentrates on the hunt for and fight against Chaos. He treats people purely as sources of information and possible allies in the battle; he has no concern for their feelings. If he thinks that a certain plan is foolish, he will say so and move on without thinking that people could be offended.[1a]

Gottri is also quite insane. He is thoroughly convinced that the wizards of the Light College are engaged in a conspiracy to hand the whole of the Empire to the forces of Chaos. In particular, he is sure that Konrad Messner is a Chaos cultist and destroying that wizard is his first priority. This subject is likely to come up because Gottri is obsessed with it. It quickly becomes obvious that he does not, in fact, have any evidence against Konrad. As a respected witch hunter, however, he doesn’t need much.[1a]

Gottri dresses in leather armour almost all the time because you never know when Chaos will strike, and he always has an axe handy. He keeps his hair trimmed short, so as not to provide handholds when battling Chaos.[1a]

Konrad will not get the artefact for anyone unless Gottri is neutralised. Just about the only way to do this is to get him declared insane and confined for treatment somewhere. He is still a respected witch hunter, so killing him merely brings dark suspicions of Chaos worship down on the heads of the killers. He cannot be declared insane while Klara and Elizabeth still support him.[1a]


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