Grail damsel

A beautiful Grail Damsel in service to the lady

Grail Damsels, known more formerly as The Damsels of the Lady, are powerful magic-users dedicated to the cause of the Lady of the Lake. Born within the lands of Bretonnia, these magically-gifted Humans were taken by the Fay Enchantress as young girls and raised by her, some say in the Forest of Loren, others say in another world entirely. Those males that possess magic are said to have never been seen again. They wield supernatural power, generally over nature, and tell the Bretonnian nobles of the Lady's will.[1a]

Grail Damsels are completely outside the laws of Bretonnia and equally outside its social customs. No one would dare to criticise one, even behind her back. They are all beautiful, appearing young for many years before suddenly withdrawing to the Forest of Loren, where most assume that they die. Many go about with their hair uncovered, and not a few are notorious for their promiscuity, though no tales of a Grail Damsel giving birth are known. Few claim to understand their behaviour, but the arcane support they give to Bretonnia’s armies is much appreciated.[1a]


  • 6th Edition. (Grail Damsel's with Staff : Right - on Mount / Left - on Foot)


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