The Graveborn

The Graveborn were those regiments of zombies raised by the Vampire Counts during the End Times. One tendency all von Carstein Vampires had shared since the days of Vlad was to ape the human society they claim to despise. Mannfred was no less prone to this behaviour than were his predecessors, to the extent that he habitually ordered his newly risen dead into separate fighting regiments. This was as true of his march to Mad Dog Pass as previous campaigns. It can certainly be argued that such distinctions mattered little in the cramped confines of the skaven lair, but it pleased Mannfred to preserve some standards of civilised behaviour in that squalid nest.[1a]

The zombies that broached Clan Mordkin's tunnels fought not as a faceless mass of undead, as was the case for those who toiled for Arkhan far to the northwest, but under the banners and colours they had borne in life. That said, Mannfred often changed the regimental name to something more to his liking. Thus did the Varenka Sharpeyes become the Deadeyes, the Tolsburg Hawks become the Dreadwings, and Baron Richter's Sellswords become the Blood Pack. Mannfred raised Baron Richter himself as a wight, and placed him at the forefront of the first wave, for no better reason than the man reminded him of a Stirlander he had once known and hated. Only the notorious mercenary band known as the Death's Hands were permitted to keep their name, not that it would have been much consolation.[1a]


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