"Gorfgrimm had been given orders to travel through the southern reaches of the Plain of Bones, avoiding the lands in which our debased kin lurk. Yet he had not reckoned with the Daemons that lair within those dark lands. A great fiery bull descended from the sky on the fortieth day, scattering the column amid much slaughter and trampling Gorfgrimm's body beneath its hooves. His oath unfulfilled is now a shame upon his kin. May Grimnir curse all their Chaos-spawned breed, their malice brings us nothing but loss and suffering"
—The Death of Kald Gorfgrimm, from the Karak Azul Book of Grudges, 1346 IC[2a]
Warhammer Great Taures

A Great Taures burning with fire and hatred

The Great Taurus are mighty winged nightmares which soar across the bleak skies of the Dark Lands, a dread realm which is a haven and birthing ground for all manner of monsters and unnatural creatures, but none are more sought after by the Chaos Dwarfs than these mighty beast which roost high up on the Volcanic Heights. The supreme terrors of the crags and craters of ash and fire, some claim the Great Taurus is less a beast than a manifestation of the rage and deadly savagery of the Dark Lands themselves. To the Chaos Dwarfs, their resemblance, both in form and molten fury to the icons of their terrible god, Hashut, Father of Darkness, is no mere coincidence.[1a]

In form no two Taurus are ever quite alike, and the mightiest of them are truly massive beasts that never die except by violence, named as Bale Taurus in dark legend. All bear the overall semblance of a huge, winged, daemonic-bull whose flesh burns with the intensity of a living furnace sufficient to wreath it in smoke and spark the ground afire beneath its hooves and against which arrow and blade alike perish to cinders and ruin. To many who would consider themselves wise in such things, the burning wrath of the Great Taurus is little more than a myth, for sustained by the fires of the Dark Lands, they seldom stray far from their lairs. But those that inhabit the Dark Lands know better. They fear the ash-trailing shadows that circle the sky, and the plummet of the Great Taurus like a red-wreathed comet to its prey - an onslaught no mere mortal creature can withstand.[1a]

None but the highest servants of Hashut and the most powerful of fire-wizards can hope to master these hellish monsters, and the infernal stables of the crimson and bronze Taurus beneath the great temple of Zharr-Naggrund are heated by sacrificial fires kept burning night and day to appease the sacred beasts kept there. Indeed, it is only by means of the most complex and dangerous spells that a Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer can even mount such a dangerous creature without themselves succumbing to their incinerating heat and voracious appetites.[1a]



  • Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer riding a Great Taurus (4th Edition).


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