Great Temple, the headquarters of the Witch Hunters, was established in 1220 IC and built near the Holy Temple of Sigmar in Altdorf.[1a]

The stoic, sturdy building is nearly as imposing as the witch hunters who congregate there. Great Temple is a vast structure where witch hunters meet to discuss the issues facing the Empire, share interrogation techniques, or philosophise on religious matters. Here, witch hunters take advantage of Great Temple’s stables and smithy, recover from their wounds in the infirmary, or use its gaol or torture chambers to extract the confessions they need.[1a]

In addition to its resources for witch hunters, Great Temple is also the Chapter House for the Order of the Templars of Sigmar. Within its hallowed halls, the Lord Protector, Supreme Council, and Chamberlain of the order meet to discuss important matters – be it threats to the souls of the Empire’s citizens, or disciplinary action against more zealous members of its order.[1a]

Great Temple is said to house an impressive library. The shelves are lined with texts, manuscripts, and scrolls detailing faith, history, and heresy – such as Hieronymous Black’s Rules & Statutes, considered the authoritative work on the founding tenets and strictures of the Order. However, it is whispered that within the library, darker, more esoteric things lurk. Hidden away within the library, copies of the dread Liber Malefic and Liber Chaotica lie waiting for those brave – or foolish – enough to glean the terrible insights they hold.[1a]

Source Edit

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