Great Tribe of Ghuth Spawnchomper Symbol 6th Edition

The Great Tribe of Ghuth Spawnchomper is a Chaos Ogre tribe that ranges through the Chaos Wastes.[1a]


In the far northern wastes of the world, under the watchful eyes of the Chaos Gods, the Great Tribe of Ghuth Spawnchomper attack and devour anything that they can find. Many of the Great Tribe's members have come to bear the mark of Chaos in some way, but this is not a stigma in Ogre society - an extra arm is regarded as extremely useful, whereas an extra head is a distinct advantage in an eating contest. Ghuth himself long ago developed a predilection for fried Chaos Spawn tentacles, and his unusual diet has begun to take its toll; not only has he sprouted a crown-like frill of gesticulating fingers across his forehead, but he has also begun to bring the legendary Dragon Ogres, much maligned by Ogrekind in general, into the ranks of his tribe.[1a]


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