Vital statistics
Inhabitants Humans, Dwarfs
Type Fortress town
Location Old World, Empire of Man, Averland
Population 2,520
Allegiance Averland Elector Count (vacant)
Industry Agriculture, Cattle, Trade
Grenzstadt is an Imperial fortress-town that is located at the northwestern end of Black Fire Pass, which commands lucrative trade traffic from traders moving through the Old Dwarf Road.[1a][2] Ruled by a representative of the Elector Count, Grenzstadt is a center of the fur, gem, and metal trade, with a large guild market and warehouses within its walls.[1a]

However, Grenzstadt's strategic location means that it also bears the brunt of many orc invasions into the Empire. Because it is in the Elector Count's best interests to keep the town settled, the Leitdorf family has in some cases resorted to giving monetary incentives for tradesmen to settle in the town.[2]

Unsurprisingly, the town has a relatively large Dwarf population, perhaps ten percent in total. They act as trading agents for their clans and provide high quality services for those who can afford their prices. Rumors state that these dwarfs also are agents for their clans, keeping watch for men attempting to smuggle dwarf property into the Empire. Although many consider these to merely be the imagined conspiracies of madmen, this theory would explain the recent disappearance of several miners who bragged of a "big new strike" in the hills.[1a]


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