The Grieve

The Grieve has been secured within the deepest vaults of the Imperial Capital on many occasions, but, somehow, the dagger always escapes. Its long, straight blade bears runes of uncertain origin. Some claim they are a lost variant of Arcane Eltharin. Others believe that the runes are those of the Dark Gods of the Strigos Empire, a long-dead and cursed civilisation from far to the south. No matter the truth, the dirk has surfaced again and again throughout history, and is always associated with murder, death, and insanity. Some claim that Emperor Mandred Ratslayer was assassinated by it. Others whisper that the mad Elector Count, Aldebrand Ludenhof, cherished it. Some suggest that a Merchant Prince of Lothern was driven insane just by the sight of it. Most disturbingly, more than one secret Cult of the God of Murder unswervingly believes it to be the blade used by Khaine to strike down Morr, and will do anything to secure it.[1a]


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