Grungi's Baldric

Grungi's Baldric (sometimes spelled Grungni's) is one of the Star Signs of the Old World. It is the Sign of Martial Pursuits, appearing as a Dwarf with a baldric, and is in Ascendance during Late Spring/Early Summer. People born under it are known to be disciplined, honourable, and skilled at arms.[1a]

Overview Edit

Grungi’s Baldric is a sacred sign of reverence to Dwarfs and soldiers. It signifies excellence at arms, skill in battle, and discipline. As such, many lords start their summer campaigns with a great feast beneath this constellation. Those born under this sign tend to take soldiering very seriously. They fanatically hone their skills and live rigid lifestyles to toughen themselves.[1a]

Source Edit

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    • 1a: pg. 49

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