Vital statistics
Inhabitants Humans
Type Shrine village
Location Old World, Empire of Man, Hochland
Population Unknown
Allegiance Elector Count Aldebrand Ludenhof
Industry Pilgrimage center

Gruyden is a small Imperial Shrine Village that is located just a hundred miles south-west from the capital of Hochland, Hergig. Ruled by the famously devout Auerbach family, the village of Gruyden sits along a branch of roads off the New Road to Hergig. Interspersed among the homes and cottages of the population are amazing shrines to all the major gods of the Empire, with those of Sigmar, Taal and Rhya being the largest. The Auerbachs have spared no expenses, and many of the altars in the shrines are lined with gold leaf and decorated with semiprecious and precious stones, while beautiful stained glass windows adorn the walls. The people themselves seemingly do not resent the wealth lavished on these temples, for they are paid to maintain them and are sure to protect the village.

The wonders of these shrines make Gruyden a popular pilgrimage spot, of course, but even more notable is the Seer of Gruyden, Klaus Homstedr, a wizened old man who claims to be over 100 years old. He resides in a hut in the nearby woods, and people come from all over the Empire in hopes of gaining an audience and receiving his prophiecies. There is no apparent rhyme or reason to whom he sees. A peasant is as likely to get an audience as is an Elector Count. Many are denied his presence altogather. The prophecies themselves are cryptic, and their meaning only obvious in retrospect.

Source Edit

  • Sigmar's Heirs (WFRP 2nd Edition RPG), pg 51.

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