"A Dwarf should have his feet on the ground or, more preferably, a hundred feet below. But they're nippy little buggars, I can tell you, and useful for getting behind the enemy and given 'em a good wallop up the backside with that rapid-firing gun."
—Durgrim Redmane, Longbeard[2a]

The latest and most improved variant of Gyrocopters

Gyrocopters are revolutionary flying machines that provides the armies of the Dwarfs with dedicated aerial support or as a form of fast reconnaissance. These warmachines use a revolutionary rotor-blade steam engine that allows it to take off into the air and land vertically or even hover on the spot, becoming the first technological marvel to achieve the ability of flight. The first Gyrocopter was invented and then improved upon by Dwarf Engineers, and due to its rarity only a trusted member of the Engineers Guild is allowed to maintain and operate one. The inventors of this machine were first inspired by observing wild Dragons swooping down from mountain crags. They combined the idea of wings with that of engines used to drive drilling machines and flywheels from grinding machines, which would eventually be the basis for the steam engine that powers the rotors. After several centuries of constant calibrations and revision, the first proper prototype was met with great success. The earlier models were made mostly of canvas and light-weight metal, but as time goes on, the newest variant is far more heavily armored, and sports improve hull and weaponry.[1a]

Since its introduction to the Dwarf military arsenal, Gyrocopters enabled Dwarf strongholds to keep in contact without the need to risk themselves by simply flying over the dangerous enemies that occupy the mountain passes. Eventually, many Dwarf Holds have since carved out many landing pads all across the mountain peaks of their surronding territory, from which a Gryocopter can land and get refitted for its next mission. In times of distress, Gyrocopters have been known to carry out emergency supply drops, where supplies and messages can be dropped from a Gyrocopter directly onto a beleaguered Dwarf settlement, enabling them to hold out for far longer periods and send word for help should the threat be far to overwhelming for even the Dwarfs to handle alone.[1a]

In battle, Gyrocopters provide the Dwarfs with the speed and ability to strike anywhere on the battlefield without the need to directly risk the life of the pilot and the aircraft. Armed with a small rapid-fire cannon at the front, these aircrafts have proven time and again their effectiveness against the enemies of the Dwarfen race. In the past some - potentially mad - members of the Engineers Guild invented a Gyro Multiseater, to carry more than one Dwarf into the sky at time, but this creation was perceived to have little use amongst the Dwarfs military hierarchy.[1a]


  • 8th Edition
  • 8th Edition (Side View)
  • 8th Edition (Top View)
  • 8th Edition (Back view and Side View)
  • 8th Edition (Parts - Steam Gun, Brimstone Gun, Propeller, Gyrocopter Bomb)
  • 6th Edition
  • 4th Edition
  • Man o' War
  • Warmaster.


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