"“The Hedge be t’ border ‘tween t’ village an’ t’ forest. Crossin’ t’ Hedge be dangerous, for Things do lie beyond; strange an’ evil Things. But t’ Hedge no jus’ be blockin’ thy body, it blocks thy head, also; a barrier ‘tween wha’s real an’ wha’s possible. A special few—us Cunnin’ Folk—be gifted by t’ Gods with t’ ability t’ walk t’ Hedge, t’ wander ‘tween this world an’ t’ next. It be t’ us others turn fer protection in dark times, fer who else can understand what lies beyond but us tha’s been and lived there?"
—Alt Zaunreiter, Middenlander Cunning Man[1a]According to folklore, the Hedge marks the boundary between civilisation and the wilderness. The Hedgefolk take this further, and claim the hedge also marks the dividing line between the material world and the spirit world. Thus, most Hedgefolk choose to live on the periphery of their communities, steeping themselves in the boundary between reality and dream to better understand the secrets of Hedgecraft.[1a]


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