Helblaster Volley Gun

The Helblaster Volley Gun is one of the most infamous black powder weapon ever invented, its devastating firepower able to tear apart an entire regiment of enemy troops in one thunderous volley. The lethal creation of the deranged Imperial Engineer von Meinkopt, this weapons terrifying reputation has since spread to all corners of the Old World. Its nine separate barrels are divided into three "decks" and are turned by means of a central crank, firing around three shots per deck which would shatter the enemy in hail of miniature cannonballs.[1a]

Even heavily armoured Chaos Warriors can be torn to shreds by a single volley, though with such devastating power comes a greater risk to the artillery crew. Helblaster Volley Guns are notoriously prone to sudden, cataclysmic explosions. As a result, those crewmen who operate a machine that is so prone to catastrophically blowing them up, tend to be paid up with the priests of Morr.[1a]



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