Helm of Iron and Blood

Helm of Iron and Blood

Nearly six hundred years ago, a large band of Khorne’s Chaos Warriors began a crusade of death and despair, starting in the far eastern reaches of Ostland and ravaging all the way down to the dark woods of Sylvania. Skirting along the edge of the Worlds Edge Mountains, these warriors sacked dozens of villages and small towns in a series of lightning-fast attacks. Engorged on blood and gore, the warriors struggled to find additional settlements, and, when nothing could be found for almost a month, infighting began. The band’s second-in-command, Vulknar the Black, lamented to Khorne at the lack of victims and the spoke of his desire to shed additional blood in his name. Khorne answered Vulkner’s call and a single name reverberated in his skull—Kagrin, the current leader of the band. Vulknar took up his massive axe and immediately slew his leader before the assembled troops. With a mighty blow, Vulkner’s axe cleaved Kagrin’s head clean off. Kagrin’s particular mutation had fused his armour and helmet to his body, making it one. Vulknar scooped out the meat and brains inside the helmet and donned it before the cheering warriors. Vulknar, now the leader of the band, went on to the west, where he and his forces were eventually stopped outside the crater wall of Talabheim.[1a]

Although Vulknar’s body went missing in the battle, the helmet somehow survived and has been worn by Champions of Khorne throughout the ages. Many times, however, when the wearer perishes in battle, the Helm of Iron and Blood disappears, showing up in some obscure and forgotten location years later. Those that don it are overcome with the overwhelming desire to spill blood and immediately gain horrific mutations and insanities. The Helm of Iron and Blood is, as the name implies, an iron pot helm, but unlike most other Chaos items, it is rather exquisite in its construction. It boasts two enormous horns that the wearer can use in battle.[1a]


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