Warhammer Herald of Khorne

A Daemonic Herald of Khorne

The Heralds of Khorne are amongst the greatest and most feared of all Bloodletter Daemons. Driven insane by their perpetual need for slaughter, the Heralds of Khorne attack their foes with a wrath that eclipses even that of other Khornate Daemons. As a Herald’s rage grows, all nearby Daemons of Khorne become gripped by an irresistible madness that lends further fury to their blows. They hack and cleave their foes until there is nothing but a mound of corpses and total victory for the Blood God.[1a]

Source Edit

  • 1: Warhammer Armies: Daemons of Chaos (8th Edition)
    • 1a: pg. 56

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