"Our people are a magical race, the flow of power is strong within our blood. Many of us show some talent in the subtle art of sorcery, though only the most gifted young Asur are given the privilege of being taught the an within the Tower of Hoeth. We have practiced our magic for untold millennia, long before the coining of Man, and have developed our sorcery into a form far more refined than,the crude fumblings of the lesser races. The power of our mages is harnessed to protect our isle of Ulthuan, keeping it from sinking beneath the waves and holding at bay the dread powers of Chaos."
—Recounted by Unthwe Windrider, Herald of the Phoenix King[2a]
Warhammer High Elf Archmage

The Archmages of Ulthuan upon the battlefield

The High Elven Archmages are amongst the greatest practitioners of Magic within the mortal realms. Through decades, and often centuries, of painstaking research and scrupulous study, they learn to master magic in its purest form, an art known simply as High Magic. Those who mastered this most challenging of lores hold the entire spectrum of magic at their command.[1a]

At a High Mage's word, shimmering fields of magical energy spring into being to protect his allies, and the fires of courage blaze anew within their hearts. The truly gifted can even becalm the Winds of Magic themselves, collapsing a raging tempest until naught but a gentle breeze remains. Yet it should not be thought that High Magic is reserved for defensive means alone. With but a wave of his hand, a High Mage can call down the wrath of the heavens, paralyze his foes, or immolate whole regiments with Asuryan's fire.[1a]

It is little wonder then, that in times of strife, the Phoenix King will beseech the Tower of Hoeth for aid. The Loremasters of Saphery never shirk from their duty, for they know that their gifts stand between Ulthuan and annihilation. Traditionally, mages fulfil an advisory capacity in addition to their battlefield roles, lending an insight that transcends mortal comprehension. Such knowledge has even led to mages being given command of whole armies, a state of affairs that is especially common when Ulthuan is beset by supernatural threats from the Realm of Chaos.[1a]

List of Known Archmages


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