Hochland Long Rifle

Hochland Long Rifle

Invented by Leon Todmeister, few foes have fallen in the sights of a sniper with a Hochland long rifle and lived to tell the tale.[1a]

Known properly as Leon Todmeister's Fantabulously Far-reaching Harquebus of Unforseeable and Unperceived Bereavement, the gun has become the bane of enemy generals and unit commanders, its firer being able to single them out even within a regiment of troops thanks to the excellent precision and magnifying telescopic apparatus mounted on the barrel. The Hochlanders are suitably proud of the invention and have often put it to good use, the design having been derived from the accurate weapons used by the hunters of the province. When the provincial capital of Hergig was threatened by a sudden attack of massed Goblin tribes, sharpshooting engineers on the highest towers targeted the goblin leaders with the biggest profusion of banners and feathers, as well as aiming for the eyes of the gargantuan spider that spearheaded the assault. The enemy quickly fell into disarray, and were soundly beaten when a relief force arrived from the nearby Count’s castle.[2a]


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