The Holders of the Shore believe the sea is sacred to Manann, and for Humans to enter it or travel upon it is the greatest sacrilege. As a result, they work, secretly, to prevent ships from going forth. This generally takes the form of sabotage of ships in port, ranging from opening small holes below the waterline to setting the whole structure on fire. The more ambitious destroy piers and port facilities, while the more brutal try to intimidate sailors into staying at home, and kill them if they do not take the hint.[1a]

The Holders believe most so-called priests of Manann are enemies of the God, as they positively encourage people to desecrate his holy waters. Thus, they often take action against temples of Manann, and Camille Dauphina is a particular object of hatred. The feeling is mutual; most orthodox priests of Manann would be delighted to see this sect wiped out. The established punishment for members is drowning at sea.[1a][1b]

The sect is found exclusively in coastal settlements, as other places are too far from the desecrators for effective action. However, many members are from inland, and survivors of shipwrecks are common recruits; they have seen Manann’s wrath first-hand. The fanatics are organised into cells, with no contact with other groups. When a cell becomes too large for a location, it sends some of its members out to found new cells elsewhere. These recruiters do not tell their original cell where they have gone, and change their names to avoid leaving a trail.[1b]

The Holders never act against ships at sea, as they feel that merely compounds the sacrilege. As a result, they are just as opposed to Stromfels as any orthodox follower of Manann.[1b]

Source Edit

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