"These priests of Taal, these horned hunters, these worshippers of the forest, they may live upon the forest as we do; hunt its creatures as we do; even revere her beauty as we do. But they will never understand as we do."
—Asterion, Wood elf scout.[2a]
Horned Hunter

Horned Hunter

The rites of Taal demand great physical, emotional, and mental fortitude for its practitioners. Some see the trappings of civilization—cities, courts, and the like—as a failing in the interpretation of Taal’s will. The Horned Hunters are deeply zealous and shun the city. Unlike Taal's Chosen, the Horned Hunters give up much in the way of a material life. They shun normal clothing and armour and wear animal skins, loincloths, or less. Part of their initiation into this group is to undergo extensive tattooing, covering their chest and face. Horned Hunters prowl the woods both within the Taalbaston and throughout Talabecland and claim allegiance only to Taal. While they lack the fiery rhetoric of most zealots, they are still fervent in their beliefs and believe that conversion comes from actions, rather than words.[1a]


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