Heraldry of Carcassonne

Huebald is the current Duke of Carcassonne, Bretonnia. He is a relatively small man, wiry and fast rather than powerful. He speaks only when absolutely necessary, and even then, he uses as few words as possible.[1a]

No one who knows him has ever seen him smile, much less heard him laugh. His wife, Schermilde, was a political match, and the fact that the couple have four children, all of whom take after the Duke, is a matter of some wonderment.[1b]

The Duke is, however, respected by all his men. He is the finest war-leader that the Carcassonnians have had in generations and a brave warrior in person. Unlike many Bretonnian knights, he is willing to use ambushes and feints to defeat monstrous opponents. He argues that the Orcs that pour out of the mountains to burn villages do not deserve to be fought with honour.[1b]

Source Edit

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