Hydra Blade

Hydra Blade

The Hydra Blade was carved from a single fang of Akholrak, first and greatest of the War Hydras broken to Malekith's service, and like its many-headed namesake, its keen edge strikes repeatedly against its foes. Though Akholrak is dead now, torn asunder long ago by the talons of the great Caledorian Dragon Incalamir, its malice lives on within this gnarled and twisted sword. Only those of iron will can hope to dominate the Hydra Blade, for it is imbued with an echo of Akholrak's malice and is little inclined to suffer the commands of another. Most wielders discover the blade's willfulness more than offset by its alacrity, but more than a few have perished needlessly in encounters where skill would have served them far better than speed.[1a][2a]

Invasion Card


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