"Sometimes a tomb isn’t a tomb. A good friend of mine, Professor Tobias Schreibmann of the University of Nuln, discovered this at the cost of his life. Somewhat reckless when it came to the pursuit of knowledge, he insisted on breaking open the barrow he had discovered before deciphering the ancient runes inscribed upon the capstone covering the entrance. The horror he released destroyed his entire expedition before moving on to the nearest town. Eliot and I had just arrived, having decided to accept his invitation to explore the tomb with him. We rallied the town militia behind us and strove to slay the foul creature. At first, I took it for a Daemon, so horrific was its visage. It lashed out at anyone who came near it with three great horns that grew from its head. Its left arm was a mass of green tentacles, its right ended in terrible claws that sliced open one man’s chest. Its thick hide turned aside many of our blows, other wounds healing themselves even as we watched. Worse than its physical attacks, however, was its mastery of foul magic. Its spells turned some of our men against us, so we had to cut them down, I myself only barely resisted this dark enchantment. Another man was blinded and horribly scarred when the creature spat a stream of acid in his face. Yet another member of the militia was enveloped in an unholy dark light before a third eye opened up in his forehead. Fortunately, Eliot managed to kill the poor man before he could recover from the shock of the transformation. As it attacked, it constantly screamed at us in an unknown tongue, its words searing into my brain. Finally it was defeated, though not through our efforts. It was suddenly consumed in a purple glow, its own magic consuming it from the inside out. To this day I have still not heard anything as terrifying as its dying screams."
—Heinrich Johannes, procurer of ancient artefacts[1a]


Imprisoned are horrific entities punished by the Gods of Chaos with immortality, but one which became their prison. When the first Human tribes came to the Old World, they knew little of Chaos. Yet even then, there were those who turned to darkness in pursuit of power. The wisemen who led the tribes recognised the danger those traitors presented and led the others against them. Rather than kill them and let their souls roam free, however, they bound them with powerful magic and placed warnings outside of their prisons, so no one would free them. The Chaos Gods, in a perverse desire to further punish their followers for their failure, granted them immortality, forcing them to live out the millennia in their cells. Over the centuries, they have been driven mad, the power of Chaos causing numerous mutations. If released, they proceed to lash out at all around them, butchering as many people as possible before being killed or falling prey to Tzeentch's Curse.[1b]


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