"Part horse, part deer, part yak, part dragon-ogre too, for all I know. All I can say for certain is cover your ears when they bellow. It is louder than cannon fire, and when it came over those frozen mountains, I really did think the sky was falling."
—Friar Begel, “My Travels in Kislev”[1a]

Indrika are creatures found in the snow-covered mountains of the north-east. They resemble large, wide horses covered in thick, shaggy hair with very large feet. Their wide-spread hooves let them walk on the thick snow and balance on rough mountains, but they also have another, stranger function.[1a]

Indrika can rear up and bring both front legs down hard, creating powerful vibrations. At the same time, it opens up its massive chest and throat and expels a deep baritone call. The combined effect of the vibrations, the call, and the echoing effect of the valleys below means this bellow can be heard more than twenty miles away. Indrika use this to communicate and also to cause avalanches. They are intelligent enough to realise small avalanches at regular intervals prevent larger ones that would destroy the trees from which they get the mosses and lichen they feed upon. Thus they are seen by the Ungol tribes as caretakers of the mountains and their fellow creatures. When frightened or angered, however, they can also use their voices to cause terrible destruction.[1a]

Source Edit

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    • 1a: pg. 137

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