Isle of the Dead concept art

The Isles of the Dead

The Isle of the Dead is a small landmass at the centre of Ulthuan's Inner Sea. It acts as both a cemetery and the focal point of the Great Vortex, into which all magic is siphoned to prevent the sinking of the continent.[1a]

It is not a true island, but rather an archipelago of waystones whose arrangements are laid in symbols of mystical significance. These menhirs vary greatly in size — some are scarce a dozen feet tall and slim as an Elf, whilst others are as tall as mountains and nearly a mile in girth. Without the latent spiritual energy contained within these waystones, the conjuration of the Great Vortex would have been impossible. The Isle of the Dead exists outside time, beyond the reach of the physical world — its black-robed guardians keep a grim watch to ensure it remains that way. If an intruder were to be allowed upon these haunted shores, he would find the archmages of old, caught like flies in amber, still chanting their ages-long spells to preserve the balance of the world.[1a]

Source Edit

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