Ithilmar Arrows

Forged by Elven smiths, Ithilmar (Eltharin Lit. "sky silver") is a priceless metal known for its light weight and durability; it serves as an excellent alternative to steel or iron mail. However, given its rarity, ithilmar metal is rarely found anywhere outside of the Elven Kingdoms. On occasion, an ithilmar weapon will surface, sometimes as spoils of war, especially among the treasures of Norscan raiders who frequently raid Elven coastal settlements.

The silvery steel of the Elves is said to hold uncanny magical power. Whilst much of this material is used for armour and decorative items, the Elves are famed for their potent weapons wrought from this ore. Certain types of vampire are known to burst into flame upon being cut by ithilmar.[2a]

Ithilmar Mail Edit

Among the Elven merchants who trade in the great cities of the Empire, a few, especially among retired warriors, keep suits of exquisite chain. Light and durable, ithilmar mail represents the height of Elven armoursmithing. While not magical, it's rumoured that only the greatest of Elven wizards can forge it. Universally, such armour never impairs the movement of its wearer.

Gallery Edit

  • Warhammer Invasion Trading Card Game.

Source Edit

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