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Warhammer Itza Lustrian Map
Map of Itza
Vital statistics
Inhabitants Slann, Saurus, Skink, Kroxigor
Type Temple-City
Location Central Lustria
Population Unknown
Allegiance Lizardmen Empire
Industry Unknown (possibly some Trade)

Itza, the First City is the greatest of the surviving Temple-Cities and it is home to the most powerful and ancient practitioners of magic to be found anywhere in the world. Foremost amongst them is the venerable Relic Priest, Lord Kroak, whose indomitable spirit has guarded Itza against the return of Chaos since the Great Catastrophe. Although it has been hard-pressed on several occasions, never once has Itza yielded to an attacker.[1a]

The pyramid-temples clustered in the heart of Itza are taller than mountains and are great conduits of power. At times, the concentration of so many ancient Slann causes the very air to seethe with arcing magical energy, while at others, a palpable feeling of serene contemplation overcomes all who visit. Itza is a sprawling city with dozens of distinct districts, each overcrowded and bustling with Skinks who move at a frenetic pace. The skies above are filled with Terradons, each carrying messages or perhaps a dignatary from some far distant temple-city. Here are housed the greatest armies of the Lizardmen and also their greatest treasures. Buried in the labyrinth beneath the city’s wide streets are vaults that hold many of the Old Ones’ creations. There are devices of such potential devastation that not even the Slann Mage-Priests dare dwell upon their nature for long.[1a]


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