Warhammer K'Daai Destroyer

A being of molten destruction

K'daai Destroyers are the far larger brethren of the K'daai Fireborns, massive constructs created in the form of mighty warriors or iron beasts, such as gargantuan monstrous bulls and other nightmarish creatures, awakened by mass blood sacrifice and let loose upon the enemy. The High Priests of Hashut have succeeded almost too well in the creations of the K’daai Destroyers, for they are near-mindless, elemental forces of destruction, and need to be laid to rest as cold and silent metal until they are required in battle, where they burn bright and terrible, but briefly.[1a]

Only the greatest of the Sorcerer-Prophets are able to forge these monsters of metal and flame, and the process is both costly and arduous in the extreme. This limits their number, making them almost the stuff of legend. But with the dark imaginings and limits of deadly craftsmanship the only end to the terrible forms a K'daai can be fashioned and shaped into, there have been those of Hashut's priesthood who have met their cursed doom early, as the power to make their glorious vision real has slipped from their grasp. There are those malign Sorcerer-Prophets that have turned this to their advantage, entering into dark pacts with other evil wizards and sorcerers, granting to them the power of such a hellish creation in return for some vast and unholy price, knowing full well that the K'daai power is ultimately self-destructive and more than likely to turn on those that try to wield it without sufficient caution.[1a]

K'daai Destroyers are singular constructs, fashioned to the desires and diabolical whims of the Daemonsmiths and Sorcerer-Prophets that forge them in Hashut’s deadly fires. Accordingly although all are large and bestial, some may be created in the image of a great bull, another a Rhinox or even a dragon or some twisted creature conjured from the dark imagination of its creator. All however are beasts of blackened and jagged metal suffused with glowing runes of binding and alive with hellish flame.[1a]


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