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Karak Azul
Karak Azul
Vital statistics
Inhabitants Dwarfs
Type Fortress city
Location Southern Worlds Edge Mountains
Population Unknown
Allegiance Dwarf King Kazador
Industry Iron and gem mining, metalworking, weaponsmithing

Karak Azul, also known as Iron Peak, is a hold is located in the south of the Worlds Edge Mountains, and is the only southern kingdom still ruled by the Dwarfs.[1][2][3]

History Edit

Unlike other holds, the upper portion of Karak Azul occupies an entire plateau overlooking the valley and road below. The spires of iron over stone walls gives the impression of a hold built into a mountaintop. The spectacular fireworks display of the volcanic Fire Mountain (Karag Haraz) can be seen from the southern towers. The lower portion of the Dwarfhold is even more extensive. Known as “Iron Peak”, Karak Azul is the only southern Dwarf-hold to have withstood the greenskin armies that surged from the Dark Lands. At first, things looked grim as the Orcs and Goblins gained a foothold in the western halls and lower region, but backed by weapons forged by skilled weaponsmiths and runesmiths, the Dwarfs pushed the invaders out within ten years. But a shadow still hangs over the hold.[3a]

The aged King Kazador Thunderhorn of the Donarkhun clan rules Karak Azul. A massively built Dwarf, Kazador is incredibly strong even by Dwarf standards. In his younger days, Kazador enjoyed life to the full, entertaining his subjects by performing feats of strength such as lifting a pack mule loaded with gold, drinking his greatest warriors under the table, and - his favourite sport of all - hunting greenskins in the mountains. Now, he sits brooding in the darkness.[3a]

Kazador’s Grief Edit

Years ago, while Kazador was on one of his “hunts”, the Orc Warlord Gorfang of Black Crag infiltrated the stronghold. Kazador returned to find the hold ransacked, most of his kin missing - including his Queen, Morga, - and his son, Prince Kazrik, shaved and nailed to the throne. Kazrik left the hold, driven by shame to wander the world as a Slayer; since then, Kazador has barely stirred from his chambers.[3a][3b]

Its population depleted by centuries of war, Karak Azul cannot raise an army large enough to assault Black Crag and rescue the hostages. King Kazador’s only hope lies in finding a small, powerful force to enter the Orc stronghold undetected and rescue his kin. To this end, he offers half his personal wealth to any Dwarf who brings back his kinfolk alive (a third to non-Dwarfs); a quarter to anyone who brings back their bodies for proper burial; and the pick of his treasures to anyone bringing back the body of Gorfang. Needless to say, many mercenaries and adventurers have attempted this quest, but none has yet returned to claim their rewards.[3b]

Industry Edit

While their King sits brooding, the forges of Karak Azul have continued to produce weapons of unrivalled quality. Traded along the Underway and through hidden mountain trails, weapons from Karak Azul are in great demand throughout Dwarfholds and settlements. The hold’s mineral deposits rival even those of Karaz-a-Karak; it sits on some of the richest deposits of iron, gemstones, and gold in the Worlds Edge Mountains. In addition to armaments, Karak Azul is a center for all kinds of metalworking. The trade value of their products in the human realms makes the craftsguilds of Karak Azul as economically important as the weaponsmiths.[3b]

The Underway Edit

Karak Azul stood alone in the south for thousands of years, gates barred to the collapsed Underway. Several decades ago, when Karak Azul received word that Karak Eight Peaks had been re-occupied, the gates were opened and the way to the north was cleared. The underground route to Karak Eight Peaks is relatively safe, but the way south to Karak Azgal, still in Orcish hands, remains blocked.[3b]

Sources Edit

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