The Karsbaum Monastary is a long abandoned monastary dedicated to Taal and Rhya, located deep within the Reikwald, near the settlement of Grünburg. It is very hard to find. The thick and gnarled growths of the old forest slowly turn to what were once neat rows of fruit trees – but now are as old and twisted as the forest. The wild undergrowth makes way for once well-tended but now overgrown herbs and shrubs. The drab monotony in the forest becomes a rainbow of colours and melange of exotic smells.[1a]

Plants are not native here, some from different continents and largely unsuited to the climate, somehow thrive. Native species grow strong and abundant. It is almost as if the soil is warmer and the sun shines just a bit brighter here, than in the surrounding forest. The monastery buildings seem to have been made out of the living flora itself, low and unobtrusive, woven from bramble and willow, reed and hazel.[1a]

The power of Rhya here can only be felt by the most perceptive as she is now almost gone from the land. Occasionally a wandering priest of Taal will stay here and give praise to Rhya before continuing on his way. But mostly the place lies abandoned and almost forgotten. Nevertheless rumours abound of elves and spirits and other strangeness that live in the woods.[1a]

Source Edit

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