"A God named Khaine, a God of murder and death and bloodshed, only the wilfully blind could not see that this is none other than the Blood Lord himself, cloaked in one of his many guises to beguile and trick those who might otherwise repel him."
—Liber Chaotic[1a]

Khaine, the Bloody-Handed God

Khaela Mensha Khaine, the Bloody-Handed God, or simply Khaine, is the Elven God of violence, cruelty, blood, and murder. Having long abandoned all other Elven Gods, the Dark Elves are a society built around the celebration of his murderous nature. But Khaine is not exclusive to these bloodthirsty Elves. No, he has a presence even amongst Humanity. Imperials associate Khaine with Morr, citing myths that link the two as brothers, each battling for control over the province of death. The Lord of Murder is upheld by killers, thieves, and even some soldiers.[1a]

For those familiar with Khorne, there are too many similarities to deny an association between the Blood God and the Lord of Murder. Those who defend Khaine claim Khorne is limited to battlefields and open war. Khorne is a Ruinous Power, a being of Chaos rather than being one of Humanity’s many petty Gods. But the effect of Widowmaker on the Elves, to say nothing of the profane practices of Khaine’s most devoted servants, the Witch Elves, are all clear indicators of some association. To the Dark Elves, there is a distinction. They deny, even unto themselves, that they serve the Blood God. They suggest Khaine is no different in scope and power from those same deities embraced in the Old World.[1a]

The Dark Elves believe the distinction between Khorne and Khaine is one of degree. Where Khaine is the controlled violence of ritual and religious practice, Khorne is the uncontrolled savagery of the rabid dog, the wild killing sprees undertaken by the Norsemen and other madmen of the Chaos Wastes. And just as the Empire takes steps to eliminate followers of Khorne, so too do the Dark Elves snuff the lives of those who embrace the Blood God of Chaos. Khaine’s principal servants are the Witch Elves, called the Brides of Khaine. As maiden-Elves, his servants are wedded to him in midnight rites of blood sacrifice and cruel abasement. When the temple fires grow hot and the night black and cold, Khaine takes his new brides, and blood flows in torrents down the steps of his altar.[1a]


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