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Dark Elf symbol of Khaine

Dark Elf symbol of Khaine.

Khaine, the Bloody Handed (Eltharin: Khaela Mensha Khaine), is the Elven God of War and Murder. His cult is the only mandated religion in Naggaroth, although some High Elves pray to Khaine for courage and strength before battle.

Worship Edit

Khaine appears in both the traditional pantheons of the Elves. He is also venerated in the Old World by men.

Druchii Edit

The Khainite Cult is the only sanctioned religion in the realm of the Dark Elves. It is centred around the city of Har Ganeth. For a time, Malekith pretended to be his avatar.

Asur Edit

Although a member of the Cytharai Khaine is revered by the High Elves. Even among those who abhor his worship, Khaine is recognised to be a necessary part of life, thus goes the adage: "without pain there can be no pleasure, without evil there can be no good".

Men Edit

The worship of Khaine by humans has been known to Imperial authorities since 80 IC. The cult was uncovered by a former Theogonist, Johann Helsturm, in the town of Marienburg. The cultists were tortured then burned at the stake. Most of the records collected from the cult were destroyed; the little that was preserved indicated that the worship of Khaine was brought to that city by local villagers who had been in contact with Elves. It is the opinion of current Grand Theogonist that the Cult of Khaine persists in the dark recesses of the Empire to this day.


Crafted by Vaul himself, this blade is a fragment of Khaine's own sword. The sword drips blood constantly, the drops smoking when they strike the ground. The poisonous nature of the blade is invariably fatal to the bearer.

With this mighty blade in hand, a warrior is invincible. It was kept on the great black Altar of Khaine on the Blighted Isle until Aenarion, the first Phoenix King, took it up in order to destroy the forces of Chaos invading his beloved Ulthuan. After defeating four Greater Daemons at the Battle of the Isle of the Dead, a mortally wounded Aenarion returned the blade to the Altar of Khaine, driving it into the altar before perishing.

See Also Edit


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