Khemri Nehekhara WAR Online
Vital statistics
Inhabitants Liche Priests, Undead
Type Capital city
Location Southlands, Nehekhara
Population Unknown
Allegiance Tomb Kings, Settra
Industry None (formerly trade)

Khemri, the City of Kings is the jewel in the crown of Nehekhara. It is the oldest, largest, proudest and most powerful of all the ancient cities. The monuments built in this grand necropolis are vast and majestic to behold, crafted by the most skilled Necrotect in the land. Graven images of gods and monsters peer down from every rooftop, and statuary marks the corner of every dust-scattered street. Throughout Nehekhara's long history, the greatest of all the kings were those of Khemri. It became established early on that whoever ruled the City of Kings was the mightiest sovereign in all the Great Land, he to whom the other kings would pledge allegiance and offer tribute.[1a]

In the heart of Khemri lies the lavish royal palace in which Settra the Imperishable sits upon a throne made of gold, soul-diamonds and a wealth of other gemstones worth more than the combined treasures of a dozen lesser kings. Beside this court of power looms one of the most magnificent structures ever created by MankindSettra's Great Pyramid. Within this ivory edifice, Nehekhara's fearsome legions await the king's command, standing ready to march to war and destroy his enemies. However, even this majestic monument, rising hundreds of times the height of a man, is dwarfed by the Black Pyramid of Nagash — a wonder and a terror to all who behold it, lying silent and ominous on the outskirts of Khemri.[1a]


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