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Khuresh or the Hinterlands of Khuresh are a heavily forested (possibly tropical rainforest) area in the far east of the Old World. To the north of Khuresh is the great nation of Cathay, off the east coast lie the island Empire of Nippon as well as the mysterious Lost Isles of Elithis, and to the west lie the Kingdoms of Ind and the Sea of Dread.

Khuresh appears to have a large concentration of Beastmen.

Notable locations Edit

  • The Lost City of the Old Ones.
  • Gates of Calith- two points of land which leave a narrow straight between the Sea of Dread and the Far Sea to the west of the New World. They appear to have a High Elf Fortress.


  • Khuresh is geographically analogous to real world Southeast Asia.

Source Edit

  • Warhammer Fantasy: Core Rulebook (7th Edition)
  • pg. 141
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