Knights of Burning Dark

Knights of Burning Dark

The Knights of Burning Dark were Malus Darkblade's household knights in name only. They did not serve him out of loyalty or tradition, but because his coin was good, and flowed generously. Few amongst them were of the noble birth normally associated with cold one knights. Most were veterans of running battles across Naggaroth and Ulthuan, whose heraldry and titles Darkblade purchased from families fallen on hard times, or those exterminated during his meteoric rise. Nevertheless, what the Knights of Burning Dark lacked in sophistication and breeding, they more than made up for in battle-skill - which is, of course, why Darkblade paid them so handsomely.[1a]

When Darkblade commanded, they, along with their corsairs, charged Eagle Gate, With the aid of Morathi in the guise of Drusala, they were able to fight through the Eataine Guard, but were pushed back by the reinforcements from the Ellyrion knights.[1b][1c]


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