Knights of Tor Alin

Knights of Tor Alin

Few were the Cothiqui regiments that had not trained beneath Tyrion, but the Knights of Tor Alin had ties closer than most. Tyrion's family had owned land in and around Tor Alin for generations, and it was in the ranks of the city's silver helms that the young prince honed many of his skills. Indeed, without the exploits of Tyrion, the traditions of the Knights of Tor Alin would have come to an end during a battle with Drane Brackblood's corsairs. Though many years had since flowed by, the ties between Tyrion and the Knights of Tor Alin had only gotten stronger. Those few in their ranks that had not battled at the prince's side had at least been trained by him, and there was not one amongst them who would not follow his orders without question.[1a]


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