Vital statistics
Inhabitants Humans
Type Village
Location Old World, Empire of Man, Wissenland
Population 85
Allegiance Baron Johann von Kalb
Industry Trade, Furs

Situated far up the River Hornberg in the foothills of the Black Mountains, Kroppenleben is both a centre for the fur trade and the nearest sizeable market to the Dwarf realm of Karak Hirn. Ruled by the hypochondriac Baron Johann von Kalb, the village has a large population of Dwarfs for its size. The Dwarfs here act as guides or scouts for parties entering the mountains, and as brokers for traders coming to buy pelts brought in by trappers. Kroppenleben’s baron is an absentee landlord, who has removed himself from the area for his “health.” So little interest does he show in the village that the elders, supported by the Dwarfs, are considering petitioning the Elector Countess for a charter.[1a][1b]

Source Edit

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    • 1a: pg. 96
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