The word kvas translates as “sour milk” and is, after water, the most popular drink in Kislev. It is a drink that transcends the normal distinctions of class that hold sway over all other aspects of Kislevite society. Peasants drink it with gusto, and nobles prefer it to the weak southern wines and brandies brought by foreigners. Such is the Kislevite fondness for kvas, that it is used in almost every aspect of life, from cooking (where it serves as stock for many daily dishes) to medicine (where it is credited for saving many peasants from scurvy during times of famine). Its curative powers were also said to extend to colds, dropsy, fever, and diseases of the intestines, but whether this can be attributed to the kvas or the Kislevites' legendary constitution from drinking the stuff will likely never be known.[1a]

There are many recipes for kvas, each stanitsa claiming that it has the definitive recipe and that all others are “like drinking yellow snow,” but in general, they have the same ingredients, just in different proportions. Kvas is made from malt, rye, or wheat flour and boiling water. This dense mass is blended until the village hetman declares it is ready; then it’s put in a heated oven for a day and night. Afterwards, it is dissolved in water and left in a room for a few hours before being poured into wineskins. The strength of kvas varies from place to place (as does the flavour) for, as Kislevites are fond of saying, there are as many different types of kvas as grass on the steppe.[1a]


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