Lady Zmada's Portrait

Lady Zmada's Portrait is a painting of a beautiful lady with an enigmatic expression. A Vampire may step through the empty frame of this portrait during the day and shelter there until dusk. During that time, the Vampire appears as an unmoving portrait of itself. If the painting is destroyed, the Vampire is slain.[1a]

History Edit

Vampires, unable to see themselves in mirrors, sometimes become obsessed with their images. The great Tilean master Belardo was famously hired by the Von Carsteins to paint portraits of them, for which he was justly rewarded—a mob burned him alive on top of a pyre made of his own works. It is unknown whether Belardo or another painter created portraits of the Zmada family, and the artistic dispute was silenced when the Zmada family’s mansion burned to the ground. Only this painting survived. It passed into the collection of a private individual thereafter, and its current whereabouts are unknown.[1a]

Source Edit

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    • 1a: pg. 123

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