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Places of Note

  • Abyssal Sump
  • Arghus the Plague Moon
  • Arnzipal's Island
  • Bridge of Fools
  • Eternal Swamps
  • Fields of Tooth and Bone
  • Fungus Lands
  • Garden of Blight
  • Gnawhame
  • Great Tree
  • Island of Lepers
  • Lair of the Maggot Lord -- likely the Domain of Epidemius
  • Lair of the Thirteenth Lord -- possible the Domain of the Horned Rat
  • Mansion of the Plague Lord -- Nurgle's seat of power
  • Ossified Halls
  • Rotten Reaches
  • Seven Stones
  • Septic Isle
  • Titan Graveyards
  • Wyrmid Reaches


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