Lawyers make a long study of the processes of law in the Old World and of legal systems in general. They are professionals, occupy a fairly high station in life and are generally respected. Their most prized possession is their reputation - their own reputations as Lawyers and the reputation of their home town and its legal system. It is this reputation, above everything else, that ensures the Lawyer a steady stream of clients and a steady stream of fees and many Lawyers will be extremely wary of taking on a case which they are not sure they can win. Some junior Lawyers, however, may be willing to take the risk of fighting an unusual case or one which is likely to excite public interest, for winning such a case will increase their reputation and professional standing. Although legal systems differ from town to town and region to region, they have many aspects in common and a Lawyer will be able to cope with an unfamiliar legal system after a little research.[1a]


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