Not to be confused with Ladrielle.

Liadriel is the major deity of the Wood Elf pantheon, the patron of music, poetry, dancing, and wine. He/she is androgynous and appears as an Elf of surpassing beauty, around whose lips a slight smile is playing. Liadriel always carries a lute and a wineskin.


Liadriel is symbolised by a lute and a wineskin; a cup is also frequently used as a symbol. His/her Clerics dress in green hooded robes, richly embroidered in gold thread with a variety of symbols, including vine leaves, musical instruments, fruit, and so on.

Area of WorshipEdit

Liadriel is worshipped by all Wood Elves in the Old World and is also sometimes worshipped by Human Minstrels. He/she is sometimes identified by Humans with a number of minor Human deities of wine and the arts.


Liadriel has no shrines or temple organisation as such, since such things are alien to the Elven mind.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Followers of Liadriel are on good terms with the rest of the Wood Elf pantheon and are hostile only the natural enemies of the Elven race.

Holy DaysEdit

There are no particular holy days to Liadriel; he/she is worshipped whenever Elves sing or drink, which is frequently. Great feasts are held on the night of every new moon in Liadriel's honour, although it is not clear whether these are holy days in the Human sense or just regular feasts at which Liadriel is honoured.

Cult RequirementsEdit

The cult of Liadriel is open to all adult Wood Elves.


There are no strictures attached to the cult of Liadriel, since restrictions on behaviour are foreign to Elven psychology; the gamesmaster should note, however, that he/she is likely to be offended by behaviour which is detrimental to the Elven race, such as the destruction of forests or revealing of the location of Elven settlements to non-Elves.


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