Warhammer Lileath

Lileath, the Maiden

the Maiden is the Goddess of Dreams and Fortune, worshiped as part of a triumvirate along with Isha (whom she is daughter to) and Morai-heg. She is the patron of seers and prophets, and is prayed to for clarity, prophecy, and foresight, especially by an Elf facing a great challenge or difficult decision, or in need of some good luck.[1a]

The goddess is also known to ride a celestial steed named Cindermane, who bears her across the heavens.[3a]

The Blessings of Lileath

During the Golden Age, the goddess Lileath presented three gifts to the Elves. The first was the Star Crown, said to have granted the bearer visions of all times and places known to the gods. The second was the Amulet of Sunfire, which brought hope to those in despair, but whose fury no evil creature could abide. The last gift was the Moon Staff, into which it was said the goddess had poured much of her power, so much did she love the Elves. Alas, only the Staff has survived to the reign of Finubar the Seafarer -- the other gifts have long since been lost to the tides of ruin and war.[2a]

The Star Crown was shattered during Malekith's first assault on Saphery. To this day, the Loremasters of Hoeth search in desperation for the lost fragments of the Star Crown. Even the merest shard of the crown contains great power, and many an Elven mage dreams of harnessing that might to his own ends.[2a]

The Amulet of Sunfire was lost forever during Morvael's Reign. Against the counsel of Hoeth's Loremasters, the Phoenix King gifted it to his son, Aravael, as the prince took ship for a distant land. Alas, Prince Arvael never reached his destination, but was spirited to a watery grave in the depths of the Churning Gulf -- the Amulet of Sunfire has never been seen since.[2a]


  • A dedicated altar to Lileath
  • The Starcrown as seen in Total War: Warhammer 2
  • Concept art from Total War: Warhammer 2 of the Star Crown


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