Lord Frederick is the scion of a most distinguished family, owning extensive estates in Ostland. He is a younger son, but his elder brother is just below the Elector Counts. As a result, he has never had to worry about money, and most people he meets have been eager to curry favour with him. This has not made him pompous or spoiled; he really likes people and wants to be friends with everyone he meets. Rejection is not something he has experienced very often, making his personality rather like that of an eager puppy who can’t imagine anyone turning him down.[1a]

Lord Frederick is also convinced that Chaos presents an immediate threat to the Empire and to the entire world, and he has a great deal of respect for those who have fought Chaos in person. He tells people that he often goes to Empire House to talk to various sergeants and captains, and he fund awards and medals for particularly brave warriors. On repeat visits, he is likely to mention the latest award he has given out, for a guard who single-handedly saved a coach from two Beastmen or a watchman who uncovered a Mutant hiding in the sewers. It is important that people realise that he can go in and out of Empire House as he wishes.[1a]

He claims that he wishes he had the courage to fight Chaos himself; actually, he is braver than he thinks he is, and he may get a chance to prove it.[1a]

His clothes are of the highest quality, and he wears a ring with an enormous sapphire at all times. He is in his thirties and a little overweight and pasty; he spends far more time sitting inside reading than out getting exercise.[1a]


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