The life of an adventurer is both brutal and distressing. His body is cut and mangled, while his mind is constantly assaulted by images of blasphemy and horror. But where is the love?[1a]

When someone is driven to become a Lost Heart, he operates under a delusion that he’s romantically loved by another, usually someone who is of a higher status or even famous. Nobles, renowned performers, prominent merchants, lawyers, templar Knights, Wizards and Priests all make good candidates for the object of obsession. Some may even believe they are loved by the Ice Queen of Kislev or the Emperor Karl Franz. Whoever it is, this person usually doesn’t even know the afflicted exists, and most definitely does not love him in return.[1a]

The Lost Heart does whatever he can to be closer to the object of his desire; sending disturbing love letters; spying on their every move; harassing them in person with inappropriate declarations of affection, followed by sinister, veiled threats should his ardour be spurned.[1a]

The Lost Heart believes he receives secret communications from the object of his desire, sometimes in the form of letters (written in invisible ink, of course), oblique signals from disguised or imaginary henchmen, secret messages in public announcements (both in print and in person), bizarre codes in the words of popular songs, plays and puppet shows, and finally, through some sort of magical telepathy. Whatever the means, the message is the same: “I love you, you are perfect, we must be together, no matter what the cost.”[1a]

Individuals of high status and fame are surrounded by armed bodyguards with little patience for dangerous lunatics. Harassing prominent members of society is viewed by many Watch Captains as a criminal activity. Strange behaviour builds mistrust among adventuring parties. Ramblings about secret messages of love from famous figures and other obvious signs of madness brings the attention of Witch Hunters.[1a]


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