High Elf Domains World Map 6th Edition illustration

Overseas domains of the High Elves, at the height of their expansion.[1a]

The Lost Isles of Elithis are an archipelago of three islands located in the south-western Far Sea, off the south-east coast of Khuresh (referred in known maps, for some reason, as Cathay[2a][4a] or Oriental Cathay[1a]) and south of Nippon. They are under the control of the High Elves, who maintain two known Elven colonies there - Tor Elithis, on the western island, and the Tower of the Rising Sun, on the north of the eastern and biggest land mass.[1a][3a]

Sea Elf traders use the Isles of Elithis as a staging point to cross the Far Sea towards the Turtle Isles on the west coast of Lustria, or from there to the Gates of Calith in order to reach the Sea of Dread.[2a]

While the surrounding regions (Nippon, Cathay, Ind and the Southern Chaos Wastes) are populated to some degree by Beastmen warbands, the Lost Isles of Elithis are free of this taint.[4a]

Duriath Helbane, commander of the Black Ark Temple of Spite, is known to have assembled a fleet of more than two dozen ships and ten thousand Dark Elves, promising bloodshed and riches beyond compare to lure the bravest and most ferocious Corsairs, in order to invade the High Elf colonies in the Isles of Elithis. If Duriath and his army can overthrow the effete rulers of the isles, he will burn their settlements to the ground and build a towering Dark Elf city in honour of the Helbanes. From there he will be able to control the routes from the Boiling Sea and have a virtual monopoly on the flow of exotic spoils to the courts of Naggaroth.[5a]


  • High Elf seafaring trade routes.[2a]


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