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Lothern Art
Vital statistics
Inhabitants High Elves
Type Capital city, cityport
Location Ulthuan, Eataine
Population Several thousands
Allegiance Phoenix King Finubar
Industry International trade

Lothern is the greatest city of Ulthuan. The current Phoenix King is from Eataine, making Lothern the current political capital city. Human merchants are allowed to trade here and the city is a busy centre of international trade. Home to several thousand High Elves the city is guarded by the 10,000 strong Lothern Sea Guard besides sporting mighty walls and numerous defences.

Overview Edit

As the source of Eataine's prosperity, Lothern has long been the traditional seat of the Phoenix King -- Caledor the Conqueror kept court here, and few of his successors chose to break with that tradition.[5a]

The Lothern Sea Guard, meanwhile, are the finest of Eataine's warriors. Skilled in both spear and bow, these veteran soldiers fight the Phoenix King's battles both on land and at sea. Should the armies of Ulthuan make war in a distant land, it is invariably the ships of Lothern that bear them hence, and the disciplined advance of the Lothern Sea Guard that will seize the beachheads.[5a]

The city is also home to the Temple of the Phoenix Kings -- the only site beyond the Isle of Flame which is protected by the Phoenix Guard.[5a]

Defences Edit

Approaching Lothern, the first thing a mariner sees is the Glittering Tower -- a great lighthouse filled with thousands of lamps, situated on a rocky isle in the mouth of the treacherous straits of Lothern. This titanic fortress guards the approach to the Emerald Gate, the first sea-gate of Lothern. Anyone approaching the Emerald Gate can easily be caught in a crossfire between the massive war engines in the Glittering Tower and those on the Gate itself. The sight of these imposing bastions is enough to turn all but the most insane attackers away.[4a]

The Emerald Gate Edit

A great fortified arch filled with war machines and the cloaked spearmen and archers of the Lothern Sea Guard, the Emerald Gate holds two gigantic valves of carved bronze set with monstrous emeralds to bar the way. For those ships permitted, however, they smoothly swing back through the churning waters to reveal the Straits of Lothern.[1a]

Any who are allowed through the Emerald Gate pass through the wide channel of the Straits, sheer cliff faces lined with castles, ramparts and defences all constantly garrisoned by the well-armed and alert warriors of the Sea Guard.[1a][4a]

The Sapphire Gate Edit

A second portal bars the way for shining silver set with sapphires the size of a man's head, beyond which lies a huge lagoon where thousands of vessels of every conceivable size and shape, from tiny pleasure craft to the mighty warships of the High Elf fleet, lie at anchor. The city itself is not simply built around the lagoon; at some points artificial islands have been built within its waters. On these rest great palaces, temples, and storehouses forming an intricate network of canals.[1b]

Towering, two hundred foot-high[1b] statues of the Phoenix King and the Everqueen face each other across the mouth of the bay. Around the harbour are other great statues of the Elven Gods: Asuryan, Lileath, Kurnous, Isha, and many others. As dusk falls, the statues blaze briefly with white flame: all save that of Khaine, whose eyes and hands glow blood-red.[4a]

Around this lagoon sits Lothern itself, and this is as far as any non-Elf may travel -- outsiders are forbidden to pass through the third gate of ruby and gold and into the Inner Sea. In these days of dwindling, Lothern is as much a foreign city as an Elven one, for the many merchants who bustle through its streets now seem as numerous as the High Elves with whom they trade.[4a]


The banners and shields of Lothern bear the image of the Sea Dragon Amanar, ancient protector of Lothern. Legend tells that Amanar sleeps fitfully beneath the Emerald Gate, and that he will rise up to defend Lothern in its hour of greatest need.[5a]

The Sea Lords of Lothern have borne the same heraldry for over four thousand years.[5a]

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