Louen Leoncoeur

The current King of Bretonnia, Louen Leoncoeur, is also the Duke of Couronne. He is a Grail Knight, as is required of all Kings of Bretonnia, and many are saying he is the greatest King the land has had in centuries; flatterers even say the greatest since Gilles le Breton himself.

King Louen frequently takes the field with his troops, and when he does so, he rides a Hippogryph, striking fear into his enemies. His prowess in battle is such that even those who meet him dismounted are prone to running away, and the King’s presence on the battlefield seems to grant Bretonnians greater courage.

Away from war, he is renowned as a just monarch. He will not allow the letter of the law to cloak abuses of its spirit, and even the lowliest noble can seek a personal audience. The King has issued a decree that none are to suffer for what they say during such an audience, and he enforces it. Whenever the King gets involved, justice is done.

The only regret most Bretonnians have is that their King is still only one man.

Source Edit

  • Warhammer Fantasy RPG 2nd ED -- Knights of the Grail (pg. 68-69).

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