"Ah, Mannslieb is in the sign of the Anvil, and a shooting star fell in the direction of Norsca. That means...What is it, Vogt? Time for a hanging? You see to it, I'm busy with important matters."
—The Honourable Ludwig de Beq, Governor of Rijker's Isle, Viscount of Mont Villaunes (In Exile)[1a]
Ludwig De Beq

Ludwig De Beq

De Beq is obsessed with seeing his family restored to the County of Mont Villaunes, and with astrology. All his actions, then, are geared towards gaining more money for the pur-chase of astronomical and astrological equipment, and for bribes to press his case in the Bretonnian Court. He also wants to have as little to do as possible with the day-to-day running of Rijker's, while enjoying all its privileges.[1a][1b]

The Governor is a greedy man and regards the prisoners as animals. A devout snob, he is disdainful of those below him, while an unfailing toady to those above.[1a]

A portly man in his early fifties, Governor Ludwig De Beq dresses the part of a Bretonnian nobleman and often dips snuff to punctuate his sentences. He is never without his book of astrological interpretations.[1a]


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