Map of Estalia
Vital statistics
Inhabitants Humans
Type Cityport
Location Old World, southern Estalian Peninsula
Population Unknown
Allegiance City-state
Industry International trade

Magritta is the largest and one of the most important settlements in Estalia. The port city is located on the northern shore of the Southern Sea where the river Tagos flows out in the Bay of Quietude.

To protect their vital maritime trade, Magritta maintains a strong presence in the Southern Sea, effectively controlling it and aggressively patrolling against pirates and imposing an impromptu levy on trading ships of other nations.

People from Magritta have established a colony in Lustria, called Santa Magritta.

The archecclesiarchy of the Cult of Myrmidia is located in Magritta where the principal temple is located. It was in this temple that the Knights of the Blazing Sun where formed.

Sources Edit

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